Recital show order:



1st show: 10:15am

1 Monday OHub Ballet 3-5yr with Ms Kim
2 Saturday North Hip hop 3-5yr with Ms Emily
3 Saturday Riverbend Hip Hop 6-8yr with Ms Kyro
4 Tuesday Riverbend Ballet 3-5yr with Ms Brooke
5 Wednesday OHub Latin/Ballroom 6-9yr with Ms Alice
6 Tuesday Riverbend Latin/Ballroom 7-12yr w/ Ms Sandra
7 Saturday OHub Ballet 5-7yr OHub with Ms Myiah
8 Wednesday Riverbend Y-Long Hip Hop 7-9yr w/ Ms Kyla
9 Saturday Riverbend Hip Hop 9-15yr with Ms Kyro
10 Tuesday Riverbend Ballet Level 2 6-8yr with Ms Brooke
11 North Jr Ballroom 7-9yr Beginner Competitors



2nd show: 12:00pm

1 Saturday OHub Creative Movement 3-5yr with Ms Myiah
2 Monday OHub Hip Hop 3-5yr with Ms Brooke
3 Sunday North Latin & Ballroom 3-5yr with Ms Sandra
4 Monday OHub Ballet 6-9yr with Ms Kim
5 Monday North Latin/Ballroom Beginner 6-9yr w/ Ms Grace
6 Thursday North Ballet 3-5 with Ms Kyla
7 Saturday North Hip Hop 6-8yr with Ms Abs
8 Wednesday North Ballet 6-8yr with Ms Mara
9 Monday OHub Hip Hop 6-9yr with Ms Brooke
10 Wednesday Riverbend Y-Long Hip Hop 10-16yr w/ Ms Sara
11 Karilagan Dance Society – Tinikling
12 Latin Duet: Leo Podgainyy & Abby Gorfunkel
13 Thursday North Hip Hop Yr Long 9-15yr with Ms Selena
14 North Ballroom Youth 11-15yr Bronze competitors



3rd show: 2:30pm

1 Wednesday Riverbend Hip Hop 3-5yr with Ms Kyla
2 Saturday Riverbend Ballet 7-10yr with Ms Kim
3 Monday North Latin/Ballroom Beginner 10-16yr w/ Ms Alice
4 Intermediate Level Hip Hop Duet – Madi & Lily Halton
5 Saturday Riverbend Ballet 4-6yr with Ms Kim
6 Latin Duet: Xaviero Cavaliere & Emily Stoyanov- duet
7 Tuesday Terwillegar Hip Hop 6-9yr with Ms Meagan
8 Wednesday North Ballet Level 2 Yr Long 6-8yr with Ms Mara
9 Latin Duet: Brandon Theurer & Kyra Tolley
10 Ladies Bachata Project
11 Adult Beginner Hip Hop Duet – Krista & Mariam
12 Thursday North Ballet Intermed Yr Long 7-10yr with Ms Kyla
13 Latin Duet: Kaia Mace & Teagan Leganchuk
14 North Ballroom Youth 11+yr Prebronze competitors
15 Saturday North Hip Hop Adv Intermed 11-17yr with Ms Emily