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It all began 8 years ago, with a dare from a mother who grew weary of her sons future touring in a metal band lol… With the courage to show up to the first dance class, life has never been the same. Four years later, Ocean had started sharing the knowledge he obtained from the great teachers before him. Inspiring Salsa & Bachata dancers to hone in on their unique qualities and expand their knowledge of dance technique with style since 2015. His approach to dance is inspired from musicality, connection, and enjoyment. Ocean has had the privilege to work with world-renowned instructors and continuously attends workshops from professional dancers from around the world, including, but not limited to, Mario Acosta, John Narvaez, Jaime Arôxa & Kiri Chapman, Enzo Vergaray, Alien Ramirez, Adolfo Indacochea, Fernando Sosa etc. He strongly believes that a teacher must continually learn and push themselves in order to be fit for service for their students.

Ocean has spent almost a decade as a performer in a band travelling around Western Canada and has recorded 2 albums. But, he knew something was missing; He believes the connection, fulfillment, and flirtatious chemistry that is possible on the dance floor is incomparable to most artistic activities. Ocean is also a yoga instructor, and derives yogic techniques, from body alignment and breath-work, to achieve calmness within his technique which creates a foundation for explosive & lyrical movements. Whether you’re interested in competing, strengthening your style and technique in social settings, or choreograph a dance for a special event, he always enjoys coaching his students towards their personal and professional goals.

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