Adult Ballroom Dancers
Imagine a black tie ball, a fancy ball gown…ok, the highbrow duds are not actually required, but these dances have a singularly unique style.

We start off easy with the basic step in each dance. Once you get comfortable with those, we add a few more moves so you can vary things up a bit.  Our instructors will teach you the Waltz (romantic), Foxtrot (sophisticated), Tango (dramatic), Viennese Waltz (twirly) and the Quickstep (a cardio workout).

Don’t worry if you have never danced before. Our team has taught thousands of people, and we can teach you too, we make sure you don’t leave with “two left feet”!  Soon, you will be impressing people and having more fun than you can imagine.

Want to take it up a level?  We offer Pre-Bronze, Bronze and Silver classes, where you can learn more advanced routines and the technique that make this style truly breathtaking.

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