Information regarding Elite Dance Studio’s June Recital

Date: June 17, 2017
Location: Royal Alberta Museum (12845 – 102 ave, Edmonton)

Tickets will go on sale on May 1st at noon. Please note that due to high demand, we will have to start by limiting a maximum of 4 tickets per family until May 31. Starting June 1st, if you would like more tickets you may purchase more as long as supplies last.

Note: Children 4yr and under do not require tickets, but will be required to sit in their parents’ laps during the show.  Performers do not need tickets.

9:00am Recital – Participating classes:

• Riverbend Spring Pre Ballet 3-4yr – Fri 5:00pm – Teacher: Michelle
• Riverbend Winter Mini Hip Hop 3-4yr – Wed 5:10pm – Teacher: Danielle
• Sherwood Park Winter Ballet 4-6yr, Teacher: Mary
• Riverbend Winter Ballet 4-5yr Group 2, Teacher: Terri
• North Spring Hip Hop 6-8 yr – Sat 1:30pm – Teacher: Jen
• Sherwood Park Winter Hip Hop 6+ yr, Teacher: Tyler
• Riverbend Spring Ballet 5-7yr – Fri 5:40pm – Teacher: Michelle
• North Spring Hip Hop 9-14yr – Sat 3:30pm – Teacher: Michael
• Riverbend Winter Ballet & Intro Jazz 6+ yr – Tue 6:30pm – Teacher: Katie
• Riverbend Winter Hip Hop 11-15yr – Wed 7:40pm – Teacher: Danielle

11:00am Recital – Participating classes:

• Riverbend Spring Hip Hop 4-6yr – Mon 5:00pm – Teacher: Jen
• Riverbend Winter Ballet 4-5yr, Group 1, Teacher: Terri
• North Winter Ballet 6-8yr – Wed 6:30pm – Teacher: Michelle
• Riverbend Spring Hip Hop 7-12yr – Mon 5:35pm – Teacher: Jen
• North & Riverbend Latin Fusion Mix 4-7, Teachers: Sophia, Melanie & Sam
• Riverbend Winter Hip Hop 5-6yr – Wed 5:45pm – Teacher: Danielle
• Riverbend Winter Ballroom Beginner, 7-17yr – Thu 6:30pm – Teacher: Sam
• Youth Ballroom & Latin Competitor Formation Team
• Riverbend Winter Hip hop 7-10yr – Wed 6:40pm – Teacher: Danielle

2:00pm Recital – Participating classes:

• North Winter Ballet 4-6yr – Wed 5:40pm – Teacher: Michelle
• North Winter Creative Body 3-5yr – Sat 11:50am – Teacher: Mary
• North Winter Beginner Ballroom 7-17yr, Teachers: Sophia & Melanie
• North Spring Ballet 4-6yr – Sat 11:00am – Teacher Tegan
• North Youth Ballroom Intermediate, Teacher: Marc
• North Winter Hip Hop 5-7yr – Sat 12:30pm – Teacher: Jen
• North Winter Hip hop 8-14yr – Sat 2:30pm – Teacher: Katie
• North Spring Ladies Burlesque
• Riverbend Winter Ballroom Intermediate 7-17yr – Thu 7:30pm; Sam
• Riverbend Spring Adult Hip Hop – Wed 8:40pm
• Youth Ballroom & Latin Competitor Formation Team
• Elite Adult Formation team

Please contact for questions / concerns regarding the recital.


Ticket purchase:

9:00am Recital Preferred seating ($21+gst) SOLD OUT

9:00am Recital General seating ($17+gst)

11:00am Recital Preferred seating ($21+gst) SOLD OUT

11:00am Recital General seating ($17+gst)

2:00pm Recital Preferred seating ($21+gst) SOLD OUT

2:00pm Recital General seating ($17+gst)