women doing hip hop dance class in edmonton

Want to make good on that New Years’ resolution? Do you miss busting a move on the dance floor? Ever wish you could do those moves the kids do? Guess what? Dancing is not just for kids! Our adult hip hop class is a great way for new and former dancers alike to get social, be active and learn new choreography.

Join us at our adult hip hop class for a fun experience that will shake off your stress. No experience is necessary as this class is a great fit for beginners and intermediate dancers.

What to expect

We explore proper stretching and fitness warm-ups, as well as the basic moves of different styles of hip hop, including:

  • popping
  • locking
  • elements of breakdancing
  • and more!

There is even an opportunity to perform at the end of the semester if that is what you are looking for (not mandatory). While performing is fun, it is optional and does not impact the running of the class, so if you’re not interested, don’t worry! We’re here to have fun, no matter what your goal is.

Register today!

Our experienced teacher is there to put you at ease and create a comfortable and warm environment where adults can find their groove. Come join our class for a fun experience you’ll never forget. We look forward to meeting you!

Learn what to expect from a dance class as an adult over on our blog.

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*Please note that we have a no-refund policy for cancellations.