Want to impress a particular somebody with your new dance moves? (you would be amazed at how much salsa can ramp up the romance!)

Getting tired of feeling clueless or shy among people dancing around you?

Or just looking for a cool way to make new friends – trim your waistline – feel comfortable to dance the night away at the bar, or on your next vacation, well SALSA is a great way to do it.

Salsa is looser and freer than traditional ballroom dancing, and it’s easier to learn. It’s also extremely popular. With just a few basic moves, you can dance with anyone in salsa clubs in most major cities worldwide. The class will also touch on 2 other easy and popular Latin dances; Bachata and Merengue (now you’ll definitely spend more time dancing than drinking!)

Doesn’t matter if you have never danced before. The most common basic steps can easily be learned in one night, and our instructors will have you laughing as you’re learning. Once you get comfortable, we start adding a few more steps and your friends will be even more envious.

Plus you can register with or without a dance partner. We rotate partners often in class (unless you prefer to stick to the one you bring). Our Salsa classes come in sessions of 8 to 12 classes depending on the time of the year (unlike our Ballroom or Two-Step classes that work with a card system). – during pandemic times, we encourage students to sign-up with a partner, but partner rotation can still happen with proper use of face-masks and sanitization

Regarding what to wear, simply wear light comfortable clothes and clean indoor shoes (no sandals type or sling back shoes).

Learn more about the different latin dance styles we offer here at Elite.

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*Please note that we have a no-refund policy for cancellations.