FootwearClothing Hair
Creative MovementBare feet, ballet or jazz slippersComfortable clothing. No jeansLong hair in a ponytail
Parent & Tot BalletIndoor shoes. Optional: ballet slippersComfortable clothing Optional: bodysuit with tightsHair tied back
Ballet (Girls)Pink leather ballet slippersBodysuit with tights / shorts / skirts. Optional: leg warmersHigh bun, no ponytails
Ballet (Boys)Black leather ballet slippersBodysuit / tank top / T-shirt with tights/shortsGroomed, ponytail if long
ContemporaryBallet slippers/socksBodysuit with shorts/leggingsHigh bun, no ponytails
Hip Hop Girls/BoysIndoor runners (non-marking)Any street clothes – must be stretchy

No jeans

Hair off the face
Latin Fun Intro 4-6 Year Olds (Girls)Indoor runners (non-marking), jazz shoes, or ballet slippersTops: tank tops / T-shirt
Bottoms: Skirts / stretchy pants (leggings)
No jeans
Hair tied back – ponytails, buns & braid acceptable
Latin Fun Intro 4-6 Year Olds (Boys)Indoor runner (non-marking), jazz shoes, or ballet slippersShirt: T-shirt / long sleeve shirt
Pants: Trousers
No jeans
Groomed, ponytail if long
Ballroom 7-18 Year Olds (Girls) Jazz shoes (preferred) or ballroom (latin) shoes with a low heeTops: bodysuit / tank top / T-shirt. Bottoms: skirts (dance shorts underneath) / shorts / tights /leggings. Optional: leg warmersHair tied back – ponytails, buns & braid acceptable
Ballroom 7-18 Year Olds (Boys)Black jazz shoes or Ballroom (standard) shoesShirt: T-shirt / long sleeve shirt. Pants: TrousersGroomed, ponytail if long