Meet Your Instructors

Elite Dance Studio has many accomplished and talented dancers to guide you on your journey of dance discovery. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, we have fun & friendly instructors who will help you grow. Check out the biographies of our current staff and feel free to send them any questions!

Dominic Lacroix

Dominic formed a partnership with Delphine in 1989 to train and compete in ballroom & latin dance. To advance their knowledge of dance, they trained with some of the best coaches in the world for 5 years in London, England. In 2002, they moved to Edmonton to start training dancers here and eventually retired from…Read More Here!

Delphine Romaire

Delphine formed a partnership with Dominic in 1989 to train and compete in ballroom & latin dance. To advance their knowledge of dance, they trained with some of the best coaches in the world for 5 years in London, England. In 2002, they moved to Edmonton to start training dancers here and eventually retired from…Read More Here!

Jim Deglau

Awards and Accomplishments: 4 time Canadian Latin champion 2 time Canadian 10 dance champion 6 time Canadian representative to the world championships 7th in world 10 dance 2011 Semi finalist in Latin at Blackpool 2011 Experienced in Ballroom, Country dance, choreography… Questions? Contact Jim Deglau Today!

Grace Lau

Grace has been in dance since she was a child, but only entered the Ballroom & Latin world when she was in university. Once she started training and competing, she was hooked! Having competed all across Canada and the US in the amateur circuit for over 10 years, her and her dance partner Marc turned…Read More Here!

Melanie Der

Melanie has always been drawn to enabling individuals to reach their goals, no matter their abilities and situation (yes, that includes you!). Her teaching method draws from a range of knowledge and experience: over 10 years of dance involvement, being an occupational therapist (MScOT), and over 15 years of general teaching experience. She started dancing…Read More Here!

Anton Szabo

Anton began dancing as a graduate student at the University of Alberta, but it wasn’t until he visited the ballrooms of Vienna that he discovered a true passion for dance. Upon his return, he started studying dance intently and took up teaching in 2009. Owing to his diverse dancing background, he is familiar with many…Read More Here!

Kevin and Sheena

Kevin and Sheena started dancing while studying at the University of Alberta. It didn’t take long for Kevin and Sheena to discover their passion for ballroom dancing. Under the tutelage of Dominic Lacroix, Delphine Romaire, Benoit Drolet, and Danny Quilliam, they’ve enjoyed a lot of success over the years. They currently compete at the Championship…Read More Here!

Elena Modzolevska

Originally from Ukraine, Elena began her dance training at her home country, performing with the kids’ folk dance group. She always had an interest in Ballroom dancing but only when she immigrated to Canada in 2002 she got the opportunity to immerse herself in a beautiful world of partner dancing at the University of Alberta…Read More Here!

Megan Telford

Megan started dancing at the age of 3, with Ballet RAD and Tap. As she got older she became interested in other styles such as Ballet Cecchetti, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop, Variety and Musical Theatre. She trained with Beaumont Society School of Dance and Dance Fusion Academy of Dance. Megan found passion for…Read More Here!

Avian Prince

Avian started dancing as a young child and has continued his passion for over 21 years. Specializing in Hip-Hop, Dancehall and Afro Beat Dance, he has performed in many showcases in Edmonton as well as London, England. He is excited to join the team at Elite Dance Studio and is looking forward to sharing his…Read More Here!

Katie Cameron

Katie first discovered her love for dance at a Salseros McGill social in 2011. A few years later, Katie was introduced to ballroom dancing at the University of Alberta Dance Club (UADC) and there was no turning back! As she worked her way through the levels at UADC, Katie’s involvement in the dance world expanded;…Read More Here!

Elijah Ocean

Elijah’s approach to dance is inspired by musicality, connection, and fun!  His time spent with world-renowned dance instructors has groomed him to help others learn swiftly; getting them on the dance floor with confidence and style. He continuously travels to learn from professional dancers bringing fresh ideas to his students.  Elijah is also a yoga…Read More Here!

Makenna Keefe

Makenna took her first dance class at 3 years old and has been dancing ever since. She has performed in various dance styles, including ballet, jazz, and lyrical. She is currently a student at the University of Alberta earning her degree in elementary education. She has studied children’s development of fundamental movement skills through dance….Read More Here!

Abby Kropielnicki

Building on the spark that fired her passion for performing, Abby has been recognized on the stage for 15 years. Successfully taking the Royal Academy of Dance Examinations at the end of each year has also allowed her to gain credentials in both Ballet and Tap (Al Gilbert Syllabus). In addition to these genres, she also…Read More Here!

Alex Sulikowski

Alex has started ballet a 3 years old and has had a passion for it ever since! She is educated in 2 different from of ballet being Russian and Cecchetti, then continued to study many other disciplines such as Jazz and Lyrical. Her Favourite memory as a dancer is went she got the opportunity to…Read More Here!

Faith Pariseau

Faith started dancing at the age of 3. Over the years she explored many different styles including Hip-Hop, Ballet, Contemporary/Lyrical and Jazz. Her passion grew which brought her to competitive dancing. After finishing her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology she used her love for dance and working with children to pursue a career in…Read More Here!


AJ has been training intensively and competitively for Hip Hop for nearly 7 years. Throughout her training, AJ was able to travel all over Canada and the US to compete in various Hip Hop dance competitions including Canadian Hip Hop championships and World Hip Hop International Championships. She is actively travelling between Edmonton and Los…Read More Here!

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