Latin dance classes

Fast, fun and flirty! Latin dances are all of these!  Do you want to meet new people? Do something fun? Or incorporate some fancy footwork in your active lifestyle?

Don’t worry if you have never danced before.  In our Newcomer 1 and 2 classes, our instructors start you off easy with an introduction to the basics of the Cha-Cha (fun and flirty—most club music), the Jive (fast, energetic and a great workout), Rumba (slow and sexy), Paso Doble (dramatic) and Samba (funky reggae beats).  Once you get comfortable with the basics, we’ll start adding a few more moves.  Soon, you will be impressing people and having more fun than you can imagine.

Want to take it up a level?  We offer Pre-Bronze, Bronze and Silver classes, where you  can learn more advanced routines and the technique that make this style truly breathtaking.

There are lots of places to show off your amazing new dancing skills in Edmonton, with socials happening nearly every week.

Register for Latin dance classes by selecting one of the locations below:

Elite Dance Studio Edmonton North