Date of Recital: Saturday December 9, 2023

Location:  Allard Hall at MacEwan University (11110 104 Ave NW)

Tickets for the recital will be available online for purchase on this page on the following day/time:

Preferred Seating tickets will go on sale starting Tuesday Nov 7 @ 12pm
$26+GST (first section of the theatre)
**Limited number – available online purchase only**

General Seating tickets will go on sale starting Friday Nov 10 @ 12pm
Row G and higher


10:15am session:  general seating  |  preferred seating

12:10pm session:  general seating  | preferred seating

2:40pm session:  general seating  | (preferred seating) *sold out*

**Ticket purchases are for sections in the theatre but are not assigned seat numbers.
Preferred seating guests can enter the theatre 40 min prior to the start of the recital to get their seats in Rows A-F
General seating ticket holders may enter 25 min prior to the start of the recital and sit in rows G and higher (including balcony seating).

**Children 4 and under do not need to purchase a ticket (but will need to sit on the parent’s lap)

**Preferred seating purchases will only be offered online through our system – you will need to ensure you have a valid credit card linked to your studio account to purchase tickets.
To add a credit card, view/edit your account or change your password, you can do so HERE.

*See FAQs here

Please check the lists below to see which classes are performing in each recital time:

Recital #1 – 10:15am (performers check-in at 9:35am)

Mon 5:25pm – Parkview Ballet 5-7yr with Montse
Tues 5:00pm – OHub Hip Hop 3-5yr with Kim & Myiah
Wed 5:00pm – Parkview Creative Movement 3-5yr with Myiah
Wed 6:35pm – Parkview Latin & Ballroom 7-12yr with Robyn & Myiah
Sat 11:45am – OHub Ballet 4-6yr with Montse
Sun 11:15am – OHub Ballet 5-7yr with Satyra
Sun 12:10pm – OHub Hip Hop 6-9yr with Satyra
Tues 4:30pm – RBend Parented Ballet 2-3yr with Chelsea
Wed 5:00pm – RBend Latin & Ballroom 4-6yr with Kyla L
Sat 10:30am – Ridge Ballet 4-6yr with Chelsea
Mon 5:05pm – North Latin & ballroom Level 2, 7-11yr with Alessia & Kaia
Fri 5:00pm – North Latin & Ballroom 7-11yr with Alessia
Sat 10:15am – North Creative Movement 3-5yr with Myiah
Ballroom competitors: Kuzma & Molly

Recital #2 – 12:10pm (performers check-in at 11:30am)

Mon 6:20pm – Parkview Hip Hop Performance 7-10yr with Kyla L
Mon 5:00pm – OHub Ballet 4-6yr (Oct session) with Kim
Mon 7:15pm – Parkview Hip Hop Performance 11-17yr with Selena
Thur 5:45pm – OHub Hip Hop 7-11yr (Oct session) with Satyra
Tues 6:10pm – RBend Latin & Ballroom 7-11yr with Robyn
Wed 7:45pm – RBend Adult Hip Hop with Ryan
Mon/Fri – North Ballroom Competitors 7-10yr
Mon 7:00pm – North Latin & Ballroom 11-16yr with Alice
Tues 4:50pm – North Ballet 4-6yr with Yuliia
Wed 6:00pm – North Ballet Level 2&3, 7-10yr with Gillian & Hope
Thur 5:35pm – North Hip Hop 6-10yr with Kyla
Sat 11:00am – North Hip Hop Level 2, 6-10yr with Myiah
Sat 12:00pm – North Hip Hop 8-12yr (Oct session) with Myiah
Ballroom Competitors: Kuzma & Isabel

Recital #3 – 2:40pm (performers check-in at 2:00pm)

Mon 8:15pm – Parkview Adult Hip Hop with Selena
Tues 5:45pm – OHub Hip Hop 6-9yr with Myiah & Kim
Sat 12:35pm – OHub Ballet 7-11yr with Montse
Sun 10:30am – OHub Creative Movement 3-5yr with Satyra
Tues 5:15pm – RBend Ballet Level 2-3, 6-9yr with Chelsea
Wed 5:50pm – RBend Hip Hop Level 2, 7-9yr with Kyla L
Wed 6:45pm – RBend Hip Hop Level 2, 10-16yr with Ryan
Sat 11:20am – Ridge Ballet 7-10yr with Chelsea
Sat 12:15pm – Ridge Hip Hop 3-5yr with Rachelle
Sat 1:00pm – Ridge Hip Hop 6-10yr with Kyla B
Tue/Fri North Prebronze Ballroom Competitors 11-15yr with Dominic & Grace
Thur 6:25pm – North Hip Hop Level 2, 11-16yr with Ryan
Thur 7:30pm – North Hip Hop Intermediate Performance Team 11-17yr with Ryan
Thur 8:30pm – North Adult Hip Hop with Ryan
Sat 1:00pm – North Latin & Ballroom 4-6yr (Oct session) with Myiah