*Pre-Registration required*

These Open House Classes will give you a taste of what our classes are like for the fall semester!

All between $8 and $10. Available in 2 locations.


• West Orange Hub (studio 262)

Tuesday September 6th:
Ballet 3-4yr (5:00-5:20p) info / register
Ballet 5-7yr (5:25-6:05p)info / register
Hip Hip 6-8yr (6:15-6:45p)  – info / register
Hip Hop 9-15yr (6:50-7:20p)  – info / register
Adult Hip Hop (7:30-8:00p)info / register
Wednesday September 7th:
Latin & Ballroom 6-8yr (5:00-5:30p)  – info / register
Adult Social Dance (6:15-6:45p)info / register


• North Downtown

Wednesday September 7th:
Ballet 4-6yr (5:30-6:00p) info / register
Ballet 7-9yr (6:10-6:40p)info / register
Adult Heels (6:50-7:20p) info / register
Thursday September 8th:
Hip Hop 3-5yr (5:15-5:35p)info / register
Hip Hop 6-8yr (5:45-6:15p)info / register
Friday September 9th:
Adult Country/Two Step (6:30-7:00p)info / register