comes from Cowansville, Quebec. At age 14, he followed his first passion – music – and had regular gigs playing guitar and singing in bands. He also had an interest in acting and landed lead roles in many regional plays. Oddly enough, when Dom was younger, he used to laugh at his parents because they were taking dance lessons! “Beware of what life holds for you…”


comes from Dunham, a very small village next to Cowansville, Quebec. A natural dancer, Del started ballet classes when she was just 3 years old! At 10 years old, she was admitted to the prestigious Canadian Grand Ballet in Montreal.

How they met

Dom and Del might not admit it at first, but their interest in couple dancing emerged from the movie – Dirty Dancing. They both thought Patrick Swayze was cool! At age 11, Delphine was asked to replace a missing girl in a ballroom dance end-of-season recital. Meanwhile, Dominic had started to take lessons (to dance like Patrick Swayze) and was a participant in that same recital. That’s when they met and started to dance together for fun. But it was only when they saw a tape of the 1989 World Latin Championships (held in Montreal) that they decided to pursue dancing more seriously. They moved to Montreal to start training with Canada’s best teachers, and within no time were talked into competing. That’s when they were hooked!

Then the real training began…

In 1996, they started training with the world’s best coaches in London, England, for 5 years. That gave them the skills to compete in world-class events around the globe. At the time, England was known as having the best quality of coaching in the world. Some of the world-champion dancers who trained them include: Marcus & Karen Hilton, Paul Killick, Alan Tornsberg, John Wood, Richard Porter. Their amazing Canadian coaches include: Benoit Drolet, Jean-Marc Généreux (from “So You Think You Can Dance”), Pierre Allaire.

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