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From Astaire to Baryshnikov: Encouraging Boys to Dance

One of the best things about kids is that they see everything through new eyes. Many parents might never consider dance as an activity option for their male children, but boys exposed to dancing of any kind often express interest in dance lessons. One obstacle can be that the majority of dance students and instructors are female, which can cause boys to become more self-aware. Even if your male child is confident enough, parents may be reluctant over their own fears of standing out.


The easiest way to encourage boys to dance is to point to things they already like such as movies, television and music. Gene Astaire, Gene Kelley and other talented male dancers star in a wide variety of entertaining, family-friendly musical films. Even modern TV and film stars such as Neil Patrick Harris and Hugh Jackman perform in dance scenes, musicals and award shows. As well, popular shows such as “Dancing With The Stars,” “So You Think You Can Dance,” the “…Got Talent” series and many more often showcase skilled male dancers– in duos, groups and even solo.

Local or touring ballets and musicals are also an invaluable source of inspiration to parents of male children interested in dance: most, if not all, professional dance companies employ several male dancers. It might only take one showing for your children to become enthusiastic– male dancers specialize in acrobatic and powerful moves and even the grace of a female dancer can inspire a male child.


If your child is invested in sports, but also shows interest in dance– point to the unexpected offseason training done by some of the biggest sports stars on the planet. Professional athletes from the NHL, NFL, NBA and even martial arts have all participated in dance training of some kind. Dance promotes flexibility, strength, explosiveness, stamina and precise movements… Music to any coach’s ears! So if your child is an aspiring athlete, consider dance training as both a physical boost and a mental challenge.

While it’s true that some people in modern society still applies a stigma to dance as an activity for weaklings or wimps, most perceptions have been changing for the better despite others’ antiquated notions. Most of us champion dancers as powerful, graceful athletes with incredible work ethic– regardless of gender! The best cure for nagging, ugly opinions about dance is to increase diversity and enrolment in dance training.

We here at Elite Dance Studio encourage all kids of any gender or background to participate in our classes and performances.

There are many reasons why men can enjoy dance as well, especially ballroom dance. Contact us today to enroll your child in regular dance lessons, our experienced professionals can answer any questions or concerns you might have.