In our beginner series we explore the fundamentals of social tango in a fun, friendly and educational atmosphere.  This 12 week session is designed for people with minimal or no tango or dance experience and also for current tango dancers who want to improve their technique and musicality working with familiar moves.  We will be teaching basic principles essential to Tango.  Key elements of movement in Tango such as balance, embrace, posture, sense of axis, connection with partner, leading and following, walking, floor navigation will be covered in this course along with an introduction to some of the basic figures of Tango in both the parallel and cross systems. We will follow a set curriculum that will be progressive and built on the material covered in the previous class.  Our goal is to build confidence in your improvisational skills and technique. We will also cover tango traditions, etiquette, codes of inviting and musicality.  With our teaching method, you will learn to improvise from the very beginning.

More About the Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango is the original tango that originated in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The dance is designed to express the rhythm and sensuality of the music; music created in a cultural melting pot, among immigrants whose common experience was love, loss, hope, disillusionment and renewal.  Most of the music being danced today comes from the period between 1927 and 1950.  The dance is completely improvised and musicality is an extremely important element of dancing tango.  A good dancer is one who makes you see the music.  A tango is a living act in the moment as it happens.  The dance is like a puzzle that gets put together differently each time. Even though dancers follow certain conventions, they never quite know how someone will construct a dance, add an embellishment or interpret the music. The surprises possible within the dance are what make the dance so addicting. It really does take two to tango, because the dance isn’t just about the man leading and the woman following. Both partners have important things to contribute—like all good conversations.

Teachers’ bio:

Vera Baraz and Daniel inspire to share tango’s beauty and passion with Edmontonians and to develop Edmonton tango community, they have been teaching lessons for more than 9 years. They dance and teach the authentic Argentine Tango social dance as it is danced in Buenos Aires and in major tango centres around the world.

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