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3 Home Exercises to Improve Your Flexibility

It may sound like an oxymoron, since dancing does improve your flexibility, but there are stretches that you can do at home in order to gain the necessary flexibility that makes dancing easier. You will have more fun at your dance classes and be able to complete more complex moves efficiently once you are as flexible as possible.

Over time, these stretches, just like your dance moves, will become easier and better. Here are a few that you can do daily at home in order to improve. After a few weeks of performing these exercises, you will be flexible enough to attempt some of the more complicated dances and their accompanying movements.

Start off with these three:

Seated Hamstring Stretch

Sit on a chair with one leg outstretched on an ottoman. Lean forward at far as possible until you feel the muscles in the back of your leg stretch. Hold for 15 seconds, and then repeat. Switch legs and repeat the exercise. This stretch works the muscles in the backs of your legs, which are needed for almost every type of dance.

Split Stretch

Sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you. Place your hands on the floor in between your knees (if possible) and lean forward as possible. You will feel your back and hamstring muscles stretch. Hold for ten seconds, repeat. This stretch will help your hamstring muscles, as well as your upper thighs – both of which are necessary for dancing.

Abdominal Stretch

Lay on the floor, flat on your stomach. Place your hands on the floor directly under your shoulders, as if doing a push up. Press against the floor to raise only your upper body until you feel the muscles in your stomach area and lower back stretch. Hold for 15 seconds, and then repeat. Having a strong core (front abdominal muscles and lower back muscles) will help you maintain the correct posture while dancing.

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