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At their core, Elite Dance Studios’ ballroom dance classes for kids or adults set a foundation for competing. Additionally, our competitive dance program is highly successful and widely respected across the industry. Ballroom dance can seem intimidating to both the uninitiated and even those with a passing interest in the sport. Keep reading for our three reasons to encourage you to try competitive ballroom dancing.

#1: You can see what it’s like to perform for an audience

Competitive ballroom dance always draws a crowd, regardless of the dancers’ skill level. Even beginners have experienced the thrill of an audience clapping along with their song or even bowing to applause. While this may seem far-fetched, a total novice is only a few lessons away from stepping onto a competitive dance floor. You can begin with recreational classes and work towards Elite Dance Studios competitive program, all customised by our instructors to match your personal pace.

#2: You can set a goal and work towards it

In this day and age, we are rarely guaranteed any opportunities. That is why you have to set your aspirations on a desire and make the effort to reach it. Whether you want first place in a competition or to simply finish a waltz without tripping over your feet, Elite Dance Studios’ ballroom program will guide you to your goal at your own speed.

#3: You will understand the effort it takes to dance professionally

If you think dance is frivolous, enrolling in ballroom lessons is the quickest way to comprehend the huge amount of effort and concentration it takes to make dancing look easy. Even high-level athletes have said dance challenges their bodies in unique ways, something you can only understand by taking part in the activity.

The three reasons above are only a sample of the myriad ways ballroom dance can influence your life. From heightened physical fitness to improved mental health, dancers also enjoy an excellent outlet for their creative side. Questions? Concerns? Contact or visit Elite Dance Studios today!


Photo by Andrey Zvyagintsev on Unsplash