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We teach you more than just dance– our classes cover a total fitness approach which can be valuable to all skill levels. Competitive and recreational dancers alike can benefit from additional physical training and increased overall athleticism. We outline the five key areas that modern conditioning can help you improve with regular dance training at Elite Dance Studio.

5. Endurance

Because dancers stop and start, dance is actually not considered a form of aerobic training. Aerobic exercise or “cardio” is vital to any athlete’s stamina and general well-being. Healthy amounts of endurance training should be built into all dancers’ exercise regimen.

4. Flexibility

Dancers are known to be flexible, but this result does not happen overnight. Much of dance training helps build limber, supple muscles, but it is most effective when combined with further conditioning. A flexibility class is essential to limiting injuries, building muscle elasticity and widening any dancer’s range of motion.

3. Strength

Modern dance styles are built through centuries of technique and practice, so instructors are often asking their students to live up to a rigorous standard. This standard demands strength and explosiveness from the dancer, something not every dance student has at first step.

2. Coordination & Poise

Dance is an incredible art form, but over-relying or hyper-specializing in one type of training can breed bad habits. Certain postures and moves can also wear on the body, leading to taking unhealthy shortcuts or suffering untimely injuries. Pushing dancers to learn other exercises and training regimens will strengthen underused muscles and increase overall coordination.

1. Mental Health

Exercise releases endorphins and dance training is no exception– dancers often leave the studio feeling happy and re-energized thanks to this very effect! Still, adding and varying different physical activities as part of a dancer’s regimen can prevent burnout, frustration and other threats to mental wellness. Taking a fun Salsa, Country Two Step or Burlesque class might just be variety you need!

Are you a dancer looking for a different approach? Are you an athlete looking to break into dance? There is more overlap between dance and fitness than many might assume. Contact or visit Elite Dance Studios to see how our cross-training and conditioning programs can benefit new and experienced dancers!