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Sure, signing up for a dance class is easy and showing up is half the battle– but if you want to excel, it shouldn’t end there! These five essential tips outline practices and behaviours which lead to better and– more importantly– happier dancers. Being prepared and open-minded are the hallmarks of a good dance student… Read on for Elite Dance Studio’s crash course in getting the most out of your dance lessons!

5. Be early.

It may seem simple, but arriving before the start time of your dance class can help you improve significantly. With enough time to put away your belongings, warm up and visit with others, you can then be prepared to fully absorb the teacher’s demonstrations and instructions.

4. Plan ahead.

Scheduling your time around the dance lesson will leave you better prepared and ready to learn. Some time management tips: snack before and save the full meal for after; wear or bring well-fitting, appropriate attire; put long hair up and take off any loose items before class; and finally– leave your outside life at the door, dancing is a great way to blow off steam and boost endorphins!

3. Respect others.

While it is important to focus on your needs at a dance lesson, always be respectful of the needs of your instructor and other students. Avoid blocking anyone’s view, taking up more space than you need, cluttering an area with belongings or interrupting instruction.

2. Buddy up.

Dance classes can be intimidating and it can be easy to feel isolated. Remember: everyone is there to learn, just like you! Reach out to the instructor or other students if you feel isolated. Communicating with new people can help you find a mentor to learn from or even a dancer that inspires you with their attitude and effort. Always ask questions when appropriate and in a respectful manner.

1. Self-assess.

In-class, most students look to the teacher for critique and praise. Don’t overlook the value of judging yourself, even if your eye is “untrained.” Identify your learning style (ie: visual, auditory, kinesthetic (physical), etc.), film yourself practicing, take notes and review them– these are just some the strategies you can use to guide your own progress. Avoid comparing yourself to others; every dancer is at a different level!

Learning how to dance does not happen overnight, but you can enhance your progress by fine-tuning your own training methods. The above is a short yet effective list of easily implementable actions you can take to maximize your learning. Elite Dance Studio’s instructors and staff have decades of combined experience in the world of dance– contact or visit us today! We are here to help answer any questions or concerns you may have.