Posted by on Apr 15, 2013 in Blogs

Are Private Dance Lessons Worth The Extra Money?

Private dance lessons can be pricey, since you are taking up an hour or two of your instructors’ time each week that could be used for group lessons or training. However, it can tough to put a price on one on one instruction that will boost your or your child’s dance skills immeasurably. And it can be tough to put a price on that. However, there are a number of factors to consider before enrolling in private lessons, including:

The Skill Level Of Yourself Or Your Child

If you or your child need a little extra help and truly want to become good at dance, then private lessons might just be the thing that you need to boost your skills. That said, many of the students who take private lessons have surpassed the skills of the group that they take lessons with, and are ready for something harder.

The Amount Of Enjoyment That You Get Out Of The Lessons

If you really love to dance and will get a lot out of private lessons, then they are worth the extra expense. If you do not like to dance as much and are only taking lessons for exercises, then you are better off not paying for private lessons. However, if you enjoy dancing so much that the group lessons are not enough – and you want that extra amount of attention – then you should consider signing up for private instruction.

What Does the Future Hold?

Or at least the future goals that you or your child have as far as a dance career is concerned. Many of the students who take private dance lessons are considering become professional dancers or want to enter competitions. Weighing future goals against the cost of a series of private dance lessons is the best way to determine whether or not you should pay extra for them.

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