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ballroom dance 5 hair tips for competitions and shows

The fashion of ballroom dance gets a lot of attention– while the outfits accentuate movement in a flashy way, another part of a dancer’s style plays a more subtle role. If you take a good look around at any dance show or competition, you will see most participants wear their hair tight to the scalp. A neat hairstyle emphasizes the dancer’s grace as it remains impeccable throughout one or more routines. If you need hair tips for ballroom dance competitions or shows, read the guide below brought to you by the pros at Elite Dance Studios.

#1: Prevention.

Taking good care of your hair on a daily basis is the best way to ensure it is in tip-top shape for the big performance. If you are shampooing and conditioning everyday, you are probably overdoing it– although very oily or very dry hair may need added attention, in these cases consider seeking the advice of a hair care professional. Common advice is to wash and condition hair every few days, then keep it presentable with tools like dry shampoo, cleansing oil and a high quality brush. Undamaged hair will respond and hold up better to the bold styling of ballroom dance.

#2: Practice.

When you are two or three weeks out from a competition or show, your outfit and hairstyle should be mostly finalized. Once it is decided, you should begin practicing how to style your hair on your own. The first time might not go as expected, so it is unwise to assume you will be able to do it without experience on the day-of. Only practice with tools and product you plan to bring with you– also, consider practicing in a more cramped or less convenient place than your bathroom at home. You should also be prepared to improvise just in case anything goes wrong, breaks or is forgotten.

#3: Preservation.

Once your ballroom dance hairstyle is perfected, you want it to stay that way– no matter how many performances or routines. Explore products and tools to keep your ‘do in one place, but do not overlook the fundamentals: hair should be kept close to the scalp; elastics or pins should be held as tight as comfort will allow; and mirror checks should be done before stepping on the floor to catch loose strands or flyaways.

#4: Precision.

Even if your hair is short and your style is simple, a ballroom dance cannot afford to be careless about even a single detail. Each feature of your hairstyle should stay as fresh and as clean as possible for the entire duration of the dance event. Accents such as parts, curls, lines, waves or anything else should look tight and lay flat. Styled and unstyled extensions are widely available to achieve too-good-to-be-true results like a thin swirl or spiral.

#5: Practicality & Personalization.

A hair tool, such as a net, may be required to keep your style in place– but it it does not have to be unsightly! Options are available from glamorous to demure and they can be just as useful as they are eye-catching. Some easy hair accessory tips are: match or contrast it to your outfit or your partner’s; keep it simple and secure; always attach them as close and as firmly to your scalp as possible (take care to avoid discomfort).

The above five tips are only a summary of the many ways you can prepare and care for your hair. Questions? Concerns? Contact or visit Elite Dance Studios for all levels of ballroom dance guidance, from style to substance!