Posted by on Jan 4, 2015 in Blogs

Ballroom Dance For All Ages

It’s never too early—or too late—to start ballroom dancing. Young, old and everyone in between can benefit from the fun and exciting challenge of ballroom dance. Easily modified for every level and type of learner, dance is a truly universal activity that anyone can enjoy.


For a child, learning the freedom of dance is a natural experience. Continuing the process, participating in recreational dance early in life can benefit both physical and mental development. Ballroom dancing can be taught as early as four or five years old and has competitive levels that begin shortly after. Regardless of intensity, ballroom dance opens up new horizons for children while providing a satisfying outlet for energy and excitement.


If you have always wanted to ballroom dance, but never knew where to start—consider lessons with a life partner or a close friend. Learning fundamentals and routines in a comfortable setting is an exhilarating experience for anyone, especially when shared with someone you care about. Explore a new side of yourself and be the life of the party next time you hit the dancefloor.


Dance is great for everyone and seniors are no exception. Speeds and intensities of many ballroom dances can be lowered or adjusted for those with mobility problems or high risk of injury. Motor skills, brain function and muscle strength are all improved by dancing, even low impact versions. And it’s addictive! Many seniors stick with ballroom dance where other activities suffer high drop out rates. This is thanks to the intimate and social aspects of dancing with partner, in a group or even in front of an audience.

Remember: age is just a number. You might have been born to boogie or maybe you always thought you had two left feet, anyone can learn to ballroom dance! From grandkids to grandparents, dance is an affordable and customizable experience with amazing physical and mental rewards. Contact Elite Dance Studios today to find the right class for you.