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Ballroom Dance Can Improve Brain Function

Trained dancers’ athleticism and grace are always on display, but a longer look reveals another source of strength: the brain! It takes intense focus and long hours of attentive training to become a professional dancer, luckily every bit of practice helps. It doesn’t matter if you dance with yourself, with friends at or with a special somebody– dancing can express things and test limits your brain might never have imagined.


Piecing together a complex routine takes diligence and patience. A dancer learns best when his or her performance is broken down into steps. The brain needs time to combine every move into a something that will appear smooth and coordinated. Over time, dancing trains the body’s muscles to respond quicker and more consistently. Even casual dancing helps harmonize the brain and body.


Proprioception. Okay, there’s that big word… But what does it mean? Simply defined, proprioception is the brain’s awareness of its body’s position in space. Dancers have acutely trained abilities to determine what their body is doing in relation to other dancers and the environment around them. This results in a high degree of accuracy in every movement, allowing dancers to be confident and precise.


Some of the essential elements of dance naturally increase the brain’s ability. All high cardio activities pump extra blood to muscles and lungs, but the focus needed in dance training also increases blood flow to the brain. The higher levels of glucose and oxygen are very good for a healthy brain. Additionally, dancing’s quick decision-making process improves and renews pathways used by the brain to communicate with its muscles.


Many studies show dancing can improve mood, energy levels and outlook, while lowering stress levels and risk of depression; leading to long- and short-term mental health benefits. Dance can both improve development at a young age and prevent neurological diseases in seniors.

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