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BEST STRESSED 3 Stress Relief Tips for Dance Competitions

It’d be hard to find a dancer who didn’t agree that dance competitions can be very stressful. The hours of hard work and practice you’ve put in all culminate to a performance that lasts only a couple of minutes. While some amount of stress can actually be beneficial, excessive nerves and stress can ruin not only your experience (remember – dancing is supposed to be fun!) but also your ability to perform. Read on as Elite highlights a few tips that will help you manage your nerves so your talent can shine through during your next competition.

Talk It Out

Chatting with a friend or family member is a great way to reduce anxiety and lower your heart rate. Never underestimate the power of distraction. Chatting about upcoming weekend plans, or even a fun dinner coming up can help take your mind off of your performance. Talking to someone who you know and trust will give you a sense of safety and comfortability. Nonverbal cues like a smile or hug can work wonders on your stress levels.

Visualize & Think Positive

While you’re warming up for your competition, visualize a time when you danced really well. Remember how you felt during and after that dance, and use that memory to pump yourself up. Positive thinking is the key here. Negative self-talk has a way of snowballing and can put you in a bad space mentally before your performance. Stick up for yourself – focus on your accomplishments versus your failures and you’ll be in a good mindset for your performance.

Take a Walk

If the atmosphere inside is proving too much, step outside for some fresh air. As dancers, we know that behind the scenes, competitions are organized chaos. Dancers warming up, practicing and getting ready can be a lot to take in if you’re trying to focus and prepare yourself. Once you get outside, take a minute to breathe deeply. The combination of the fresh air and deep breaths will help to clear your mind and relax.

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