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Women's Dance Shoes

The importance of a properly fitted dance shoe cannot be overstated. A good pair of dance shoes will not only help you to dance better but also for longer as they help to minimize the risk of injury! If you’re looking to purchase ballroom or Latin dance shoes, read on to learn some of the basics of these styles and what you should be looking for.

Male vs. Female Dance Shoe Styles

Men’s Dance Shoes

Men’s dance shoes are commonly a black lace-up Oxford. For ballroom dancing, it’s most common to see a flat heel; for Latin style dancing, a 1 – 2 inch heel is preferred. The size of heel you choose is dependent on your comfort level. Shoes are generally suede or leather, and are quite flexible.

Women’s Dance Shoes

Women’s dance shoes come in all shapes and sizes. Basic designs include closed and open toe pumps and sandals with a variety of heel options and heights. For ballroom dancing, a 2 – 2.5 inch closed toe pump is a common option. If you’re doing Latin dancing, you can opt for a open toe shoe or a strappy sandal.

All Shoes

Regardless of whether you are shopping for men’s or women’s dance shoes, make sure you are getting a shoe that is lightweight, flexible and comfortable. Suede soles offer the perfect combination of grip and slide, and should be chosen over rubber or leather options.

Heel Types

Here are a couple of the most common heel styles and their characteristics:

Cuban (Spanish) Heel – This heel type is the lowest and thickest option. It distributes weight over more of the foot, therefore providing the dancer with more balance. They are a great option for ballroom and Latin dancers who aren’t comfortable with a skinny heel.
Slim Heel – A slim or stiletto heel decreases the surface area that touches the floor. Because of this, it can make turns and other moves easier. However, they don’t offer much in the way of stability.
Flared Heel – Flared heels are a good middle ground. They are characterized by having a thinner heel that slightly flares out at the bottom to provide additional stability.

The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting a heel type for either ballroom or Latin dancing is to choose what you are comfortable in. Regardless of style, your shoes aren’t going to do you much good if you can’t move well in them!

Buying Online vs. In-Store

Fit is of the utmost importance when it comes to dance shoes, so it can be difficult to purchase dance shoes online if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. If you’re looking to order shoes online, try visiting a store to try on some different styles and sizes first. Always check the return policy as well to make sure that if your shoes aren’t quite right, you can exchange them for a new pair.

Time to Dance!

Once you’ve purchased the perfect pair of shoes, it’s time to test them out! Elite Dance Studio offers dance classes in a variety of genres in Edmonton, Sherwood Park and area. Check out our class schedule or give us a call today!