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child doing ballet

So your child has expressed an interest in dance. The next step is to choose what style of dance your child would like to try! With so many options, it can be overwhelming to know where to start your search. Start with something you know very well – your kid’s personality! Depending on your child’s personality, different styles of dance may suit them better. Read on to learn about a few of the many different dance styles, and see how each style lends themselves to a different personality.

Parent & Tot

Our parent & tot classes are for young children between the ages of two and four. Parents are present during class to ensure their little dancer is encouraged, supported and on track. If your child suffers from separation anxiety, these classes can be an excellent way to socialize them with other children, while still allowing them to feel safe knowing you’re there.


Ballet is excellent for children who enjoy a more structured environment. Ballet teaches discipline, and has a strong focus on posture – while still engaging in fun activities! Ballet teaches fundamentals that can be carried over to other dance styles, which keeps options open later on for your child.

Creative Body Movement

If your child’s attention span moves a mile a minute, a creative body movement class is the perfect choice! In this class we cover a little bit of everything, making it great at keeping kid’s interest. It’s also a great choice if you aren’t sure what style of dance your child enjoy, as it offers exposure to many different styles.

Hip Hop

Hip hop is an excellent choice if your child has energy to to burn! Our hip hop classes are high intensity and allow for a lot of personal flair, making it great for a high energy, creative child.


Similar to ballet, ballroom dance offers a more structured environment that really suits some children. It teaches socialization and cooperation through partner dancing, which can be great if you’re looking to help your child break out of their shell.


A Latin fusion class is perfect for a high energy child. Fusion offers fun choreographies and music that will keep your kid’s feet moving the whole class! If your child is on the shyer side, the earlier levels will help them to gain confidence through minimal partner work. As they gain confidence and move to higher levels, partner work is introduced which promotes socialization.

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