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Children dancing happily in a yard

Dance is of course very body-focused- power, endurance, flexibility, poise and many other skills can all be strengthened through regular training. These are all greatly beneficial to the development of children, but they are not the only things that dancing can teach. Through dance, kids can absorb a wide range of experiences that will prepare them for many real life situations. Read on for Elite Dance Studio’s guide to the many lessons your child will learn from training with us.

Non-Dance/Non-Physical Skills

Increased coordination and body awareness is essential to dancers, but it goes beyond the physical form. The mental half of these elements is vital to any dance student’s ability to learn, advance and perform. Through this, dance training builds character and creates new skillsets that are useful far outside the world of the dance studio or stage.

Relationships & Social Awareness

Dancers bond with their teachers, partners and other fellow students through the intense, but welcoming, collaborative and supportive world of training. In this way dance can teach young people to be more aware or considerate of relationships and social expectations. Often students that take dance find it easier to integrate into social groups, reducing acute anxiety and boosting overall confidence.

Ethics & Life Lessons

Dance competition and training also goes a long way in teaching young people about fairness and respect. Many parents of dance students report that their children exhibit mature behaviour when faced with ethical choices. Your kid won’t stop being a kid- but dance can help bring out or enhance good elements in any child. Trust, responsibility and persistence are just a few of the positive lessons dancers develop along the way!

Dance is more than just exercise- it is a full-body artform that strengthens you mentally as well as physically. Children that participate in dance are shown to excel in many other areas, thanks in part to the multifaceted approach of the staff here at Elite Dance Studios. Contact or visit us today!