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With so many activities and sports available to children these days, it can be a struggle to find an appropriate pastime for your special little guy or gal. We here at Elite Dance Studio pride ourselves on providing an open and welcoming environment for children of all skill levels. Our variety of classes allows kids to explore different genres and find the one that inspires them. Read on for a summary of the dance styles our instructors offer to children!


While it may seem “grown up,” ballroom is actually an excellent type of dance training for children. Interactive and fast-paced, ballroom dance encourages kids to interact with each other while respecting individual ability.

Features: Quick-moving; theatrical; fancy dress.


The exciting and pulse-pounding beat of Latin music is sure to inspire many children to move and dance. This is why Latin dance training is a natural fit for energetic and active children, but it can also bring out a more adventurous side of quieter kids.

Features: Exciting music; bright colours; culturally diverse.


One of the classic forms of dance, ballet needs little introduction. Ballet is often the first choice of many children that want to dance, but it can also be intimidating. Our training is carefully designed to ease children into the world of ballet and is open to both girls and boys.

Features: Very recognizable; classical styling; tutus!


The newest and edgiest dance style to rise to the forefront of pop culture– hip-hop captures the imagination of the young and old alike. Driving beats and aggressive moves define this genre, making it the perfect outlet for energy and frustration. Don’t shy away from hip-hop because of its perceived “attitude,” our classes are as inviting as they are supportive.

Features: Popular; edgy; embraces street style and fashion.


Many jazz routines are overwhelmingly positive, making the most out of the sparkly music and even more sparkly outfits! Modern jazz is more nuanced than just that, but the recognizable steps and boisterous movement attract many children to the discipline. From TV commercials to the Broadway stage, jazz dance is everywhere to be seen and experienced!

Features: Fun atmosphere; catchy music; engaging tradition.

If you have questions or concerns about whether or not a genre of dance is right for your child, contact or visit Elite Dance Studio today. Our experienced staff and instructors are specially trained to identify and encourage unique skills in all kids!