Posted by on Jul 7, 2015 in Blogs

Don't Stop Rockin' to the Rhythm: Benefits of Hip-Hop Dance

Some of our most demanded classes here at Elite are focused around hip-hop dance fundamentals, thanks to the genre’s current prominence and popularity. Do you think hip-hop is just a few cool moves or are you otherwise curious about what it can bring to your life? Read on to learn more about all of the many benefits of regular hip-hop dance training.


A jog around the block, running on a treadmill, spin class– what do they all have in common? Yep, they are excellent sources of cardio… But they are also boring. You can shake off all that drudgery and routine by enrolling in regular hip-hop classes. The aerobic benefits of hip-hop are dramatic; just one session can naturally burn off calories and fat built up behind a desk or around the home. Few activities get your
heart beating as quick as when you are learning an exhilarating hip-hop routine. Fast-paced and rigorous, hip-hop dance is an exceptional cardio alternative.


Complex body movements require many more muscles than most of our daily activities– dance, specifically hip-hop, is almost entirely made up of intricate and unique motions. Common of all dance training, kinetic energy and precise movement challenge the body to fortify its own stabilizing muscles, further toning and strengthening well beyond the results of typical fitness routines. No amount of gym machines, “muscle confusion,” circuit training sessions or personal trainers can achieve the pure results of regular dance lessons– hip-hop dance is no exception.


Hip-hop dance classes are fun, fast-paced and– above all– they are safe place for people of all ages and skill levels to learn and improve… Not just as dancers, but as people too. Hip-hop dance teaches expression and fosters creativity, creating a collaborative atmosphere that encourages you to let loose and break out of your shell. Even if you do not connect with hip-hop music or culture, hip-hop dance only asks that you enter with an open mind and the willingness to move your body in new and exciting ways.

Dance is a powerful tool: a form of art capable of communicating energy and emotions without the limitations of language or cultural disparity. Truly an honest mode of expression– young to old, any shape or size– dancing can open up new horizons in anyone’s life. If you think you are ready for the excitement and challenge of hip-hop dance, contact Elite Dance Studio today. Our experienced staff of instructors will work with any age and skill level to create an inviting and inclusive hip-hop dance experience, customized to your needs.