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Ballroom dance can enhance athletic performance

Believe it or not, many athletes across a wide range sports incorporate dance lessons into their training regimens– yes, even pro football players have been known to trade cleats for dancing shoes. The following is a list of advantages dance can bring to a well-rounded athlete’s core set of skills.

Strength: A professional dancer relies on powerful muscle movements just as much as any Olympic star or high-paid pro athlete. Beyond raw power, the precise positions of dance also improve the strength of stabilizing muscles.

Agility: Dancers are renowned for their agility– quick decisions and “light” feet are a their secret weapons. Many physical activities build agility, but few do it as well as dance. Explosive motion and lightning-fast reaction are two fundamentals that can aid any athlete.

Endurance: Regular dance training can provide an essential cardio routine for any active person. Combined with the focused training of other sports, an athlete can see their stamina increase greatly.

Durability: Strong, flexible muscles are key to injury prevention. Athletes who expand their training to include dance can decrease their risk of injury and increase their athletic conditioning.

Determination: Sports often push us to our limits, but using dance to challenge less used parts of our brain and body pays off in the long run. Dance training builds focus, attention to detail and mental fortitude– all of which helps a wide variety of athletes.

Balance: Holding specific positions and strong supportive muscles both contribute to improved balance. Those trained in dance have excellent balance, allowing for greater agility and more confident movements

Creativity: Approaching dance from a technical point of view is one thing, but an athlete can learn new things by adapting their problem solving strategy to new challenges. Dance encourages creative and open-minded methods of overcoming the obstacles it presents.

Power, agility, stamina… these are just a few features we attribute to high-level athletes. If you consider the traits carefully, they can also be found in skilled dancers. Enroll in dance lessons at Elite Dance Studio and we can help you achieve your goals in your favourite sport or physical activity.