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With so many available options, choosing a ballroom dance costume can be intimidating. Not only does your attire have to be right for your music and routine, but it also has to be right for you. With so many factors that go into the decision-making process, it’s hard to know where to start. Read on for some tips on making this decision!

Stand Out

Some dancers may choose to play it safe with their costumes, but being safe isn’t always memorable. To make your performance unforgettable, ensure your ensemble stands out. Below are some points to consider for an eye-catching costume.

  • Colour: One of the most obvious ways to stand out, and one of the most effective.
  • Rhinestones: Adding rhinestones can add additional colors and create intricate patterns, pushing a basic costume to its full potential.
  • Slit: Having an exceptionally high slit can draw the eye in, and make your costume hard to forget.


The style of costume you choose is affected by many factors including body type, routine, and personality. There are many different styles out there, so it is important to find the one that best suits you and your needs.

Feeling good in your costume is just as important as looking good. Different styles are made for different body types, so it is important to shop specifically for your body. You also may want to consider working with a designer to have a costume specifically designed for your unique body.

Different routines require the dancer to perform different moves. When selecting a style, ensure that you are able to move with restriction so you will not be held back by your ensemble.

Your costume should have just as much personality as you do. This becomes especially true as you develop your personality as a dancer. You may change and grow as your career develops, and so should your costume!


Last, but certainly not least, is the budget. While it may not be the most exciting topic, it can be the most important. To make sure you stay within your budget, keep these points in mind.

  • Have a price in mind: These costumes can cost thousands of dollars, so it is important to know your maximum budget, a stick to it.
  • Quality vs. cost: Your dress will need to be durable enough to last the pressures of your routine, which usually translates to a higher price point.
  • New vs. used: With a lower budget, consider purchasing a gently used costume.
  • Resale value: There is a market for gently used costumes, consider the potential resale value if you only intend to use it once.

Choosing a costume for a ballroom dance may seem daunting, but with the proper knowledge, you will be prepared for the task. To learn more about ballroom dancing classes, contact us or come in for a visit today!