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If you’re ready to take your group classes to the next level, consider private lessons with one of our many highly skilled teachers here at Elite Dance Studios. While this one-on-one time may seem intimidating, it is the only way to truly take your art to the next level. To do so, you need to be fully committed to the process. Read on for our four surefire methods to make the most of your private dance lesson.


Whether it is day one or the day before the competition, your dance instructor or coach is there to help you. Whenever you have a question, ask them if you are able– or jot it down for later. Ignoring your own questions will prevent you from understanding why you are or are not improving.


Losing your cool is one of the easiest ways to sabotage a private dance lesson. Both students and teachers are entitled to a safe learning environment, so letting your frustrations boil over is not acceptable. Always be patient with yourself and others, especially when learning new material or highly technical steps.


If you are paying the premium for private dance lessons, avoiding practice is simply wasting your investment. Since your coach has taken the time to tailor their guidance to you, it is important to repeat their instruction until it becomes habit. You will then be able to attend the next session ready to grow and improve in leaps and bounds.


While your instructor may or may not use video during lessons to help you, it is invaluable to record yourself at practice. Watching these videos back (with or without a coach) will help identify areas of weakness, as well as areas of strength. Additionally, you may enhance your learning experience by taking notes, studying recorded performances or even attending a dance competition in-person!

The advice above only contains a fraction of advice from the pros at Elite Dance Studios. Contact or visit us today with any questions or concerns!

Photo by David Hofmann on Unsplash