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While many people watch “Dancing with the Stars” for the entertainment celebrities, we here at Elite Dance Studio have our own idols– dancers! The following is an installment of our Real Stars of Dance series that highlights the heroes of the professional dance world. Read on for our profile of the powerful and prolific pair of Arunas Bizokas and Katusha Demidova.


Across all sports and athletic pursuits, number one-ranked performers are often controversial or at the very least short-lived. The ballroom dance pair of Arunas Bizokas and Katusha Demidova is neither! Totally dominant in their field of Standard Ballroom, the duo has won seven consecutive first-place finishes at the World Ballroom Dance Championships. Since their partnership was founded in 2007, no other dance pair has been able to achieve the success or consistency of Bikonas and Demidova—making them permanent fixtures at the top of the world rankings.

GET TO KNOW… Katusha Demidova

Born in Moscow, Russia, Katusha Demidova has trained in professional Standard Ballroom dance for nearly her entire life. After taking residence in the United States, Demidova first performed with Jonathan Wilkins and achieved plenty of success. While the top-ranked pair in the US from 1998 to 2007, Demidova and Wilkins failed to take the World Championship. It was not until Demidova paired with Arunas Bizokas that she ascended to the ranks of professional dance’s elite.

*FUN FACT: Katusha’s younger sister Anna Demidova is also a professional dancer. She appeared in “Dancing with the Stars” Seasons 8 and 9.

GET TO KNOW… Arunas Bizokas

Lithuanian-born Arunas Bizokas represented his country competitively until 2007, after which he moved to the United States to compete as a pair with Katusha Demidova. Previously, Bizokas won gold medals in Ballroom Dance at the 2005 World Games and the 2007 European Championships. It was this pedigree of skill and passion that encouraged Demidova and him to begin the long road to the number one ranking by the World Dance Council.

*FUN FACT: Arunas’ amateur partner, Edita Daniute—, has since gone on to compete with Italian dancer Mirko Gozzoli—achieving their own championships and first-place finishes for Lithuania in Standard Ballroom.


Even when compared to other sports, Bizokas and Demidova are truly one of the most enduring dynasties of the modern era. Seven back-to-back World Championships is unprecedented in any field, let alone the highly competitive world of professional ballroom dance. Despite all of the obstacles, Bizokas and Demidova have persisted and remained an inspiring story for dancers of all skill levels.

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