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misty-copeland-balletWhile many people watch “Dancing with the Stars” for the entertainment celebrities, we here at Elite Dance Studio have our own idols– dancers! The following is an instalment of our Real Stars of Dance series that highlights the heroes of the professional dance world. Read on for our profile of the bold and beautiful ballerina Misty Copeland.


Most ballet dancers start very young and train until adulthood before being held to the high standard of professional ballet. Despite the genre’s popularity, few young dancers ever achieve the dizzying heights of the pro ranks– those that do are often scouted and groomed very early on in their studies. Even fewer of these special dancers are the prodigies or rising stars: those that excel well beyond their age and experience. Misty Copeland was one such prodigy, but she had not even taken her first ballet lesson until the age of 13! Currently one of the preeminent ballerinas in the world, read on for more about Misty Copeland’s amazing achievements.

GET TO KNOW… Misty Copeland

Born in 1982, Misty Copeland grew up primarily in California as part of a blended family with a diverse background. What started as just-for-fun choreography and aspirations to make her middle school’s drill team eventually propelled Misty into the world of dance. Thanks to a supportive and loyal community, Copeland stuck to rigorous ballet studies through much adversity as well as life’s ups and downs. This path led Misty Copeland to a successful and historic career for American Ballet Theatre, one of the most prestigious ballet academies in North America.

*FUN FACT: Misty Copeland has published two books– Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina, a memoir, and Firebird, an award-winning children’s book.


When Misty Copeland rose to the esteemed role of principal dancer for American Ballet Theatre, she became the first dancer of African American descent to ever hold the title. Since this historic achievement, Copeland has grown to become a cultural phenomenon and household name. Misty has appeared in countless award-winning ballets, a documentary, a Broadway show, as well as several television programs and commercials. Most importantly, Misty Copeland has earned wide recognition as a champion for diversity in dance and other fields.

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