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If you are planning a wedding or a similar celebration, you might already be nervous if there is a dance during the event. Whether you are a confident dancer, you have two left feet or somewhere in between– Elite Dance Studios can help you look good on the dance floor. Not only do we offer specialized classes for the couple, our flexible packages can be shared with your entire wedding party. Read our crash course on wedding dances below, then contact or visit Elite Dance Studios to book your classes today!


In North America, most wedding celebrations include at least one dance: the married couple sharing their “first dance” (usually set to song significant to them). Our Standard Wedding Package is the perfect choice for those who want to keep it short, simple and sweet– five classes allows the couple to get the basic choreography down, even setting them up with practice sessions to rehearse before the big day.

Often at these types of weddings, at least one of the couple’s parents will come out to dance with their child for the second song. Alternatively, any number of important couples could be invited out for this phase of the dance. If you want this to look just-so or if members of your wedding party are inexperienced, you could opt for the Gold Wedding Package. Ten private lessons can be shared among your chosen invitees.


For those looking for something a little different, Elite Dance Studios’ Silver Wedding Package might be the best solution. Eight lessons will allow even a beginner to master a highly-choreographed routine, whether it is your classic romantic dance with a twist… or a hip-hop dance-off featuring cheeky moves. In fact, any of our packages could be adapted to this à more contemporary style– just be sure to choose a dance that truly represents your relationship.

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Photo by Edward Cisneros on Unsplash