Posted by on Jan 23, 2015 in Blogs

Smooth Moves: Improving Social Skills Through Ballroom Dance

Many children learn that grade school all the way through higher education can be filled with social challenges. While parents and teachers can help, a young adult also needs to learn his or her own strategies to deal with these obstacles. One of ballroom dance’s preeminent features is an open, accepting and communicative culture that encourages development of social skills.


While ballroom dance is taught in partners, students are not paired off permanently. In fact, dancers are encouraged to rotate partners regularly while training. This process broadens the dancers’ experience while exposing them to the social nature of ballroom dance. Learning what is required of himself or herself in an interaction with a stranger is key to personal development.


Dance is an in incredible teacher. Participation in ballroom dance can teach anyone to improve their reaction time, their physical health and even their outlook on life. Such experience can benefit children and young adults greatly in their self-esteem as well as how they carry themselves in social situations.


Open to all ages, experience levels and personality types, ballroom dance promotes socialization on every level. From the classroom to casual gatherings, students are always encouraged to discover connections with people around them. Dance fosters open-minded individuals, but also relies on openness and communication to be successful.


Ballroom dance is energetic and fast-paced. Losing oneself in the movement and music is a great outlet for young people that are very active or don’t fit into less cooperative activities. No matter the style of dance, ballroom is creates both an increase and a release of emotion that encourages healthy development.

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