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The first dance with your partner can be one of the most romantic and fun events of your wedding. For some, it’s a chance to show off their dance moves or to gently sway to the music, gazing into your loved one’s eyes. However, for some the idea of a first dance is enough to induce cold sweats and nightmares.

What should I do?

Whatever your situation, a choreographed first dance can be a wonderful idea for your wedding. You can request a dance professional who can help you pick a song and dance style, on top of providing you with some great looking steps. You can also do-it-yourself, just be aware of the additional stress this might add to your wedding preparation.

For those who suffer from dancing anxiety or two left feet, you will find relief in knowing a few simple steps. You will be taught these steps by someone who has taught them over and over again, and who also knows the best way to teach them and the typical problems people have when learning these steps. And once you have a few steps in your repertoire, all you have to do is repeat them for the duration of the song.

Alternatively, if swaying gently on the dance floor is your thing, why not end your first dance with a BANG! A dance professional can teach you a fantastic ending for your first dance and give you a killer trick – or two! – to impress your guests.

What else is possible?

By now you’ve seen countless YouTube videos of amazing first dances and feel inspired to create a first dance that will knock your guests off their feet. A dance professional can create a one-of- a-kind routine, teach you all of the steps, and help you nail the performance. Instead of hiring a professional performer, you spend time developing your dance skills – a timeless investment. Additionally, consider including your bridal party for part of the dance for some more excitement.

Above all, make sure that you practice, practice, practice! This will make the effort you spend attending lessons worthwhile, make you less frustrated with the learning process, and will help you relieve any stage fright you may feel.

Take a break and let us do the hard work!

Dance lessons are a great way to prepare for the wedding, while having a ton of fun at the same time. You get a break from seating charts and arguments over linens to learn something new with your loved one that you can potentially use for the rest of your lives. Plus, there is nothing wrong with holding your loved one close while imagining what it will be like to dance with them on your wedding day. For help on crafting the best wedding dance possible, contact Elite Dance Studio.

Megan Sawchuk is the owner of Megan Sawchuk Weddings, a Calgary-based wedding and event planning company that works all over the province helping couples create the wedding of their dreams. Megan is also a former competitive ballroom dancer.