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Elite Dance Studio is now fully operational!

We are keeping up the following safety protocols over the summer and will reassess in the fall:

– masks will continue to be required for entering & exiting the building, as well as when walking throughout any general area (stairwells, washrooms, waiting areas). Please ensure your masks are on anytime you are within 3m of other patrons in the studio

– please continue to pre-screen yourself prior to coming to the studio and ensure you do not have any cold / flu-like symptoms

– please continue to sanitize upon entry & exit from the studio; please also sanitize your chair / station before & after use

Rules for Group Classes:

– students can have the option to remove their mask during class if they can maintain 3m distance from others in class

– students will continue to remain 3m apart in children’s group classes

– for adult group classes, if the class involves partner dancing (ie Latin/Ballroom) – partner dancing may be allowed with other students and/or the instructor as long as face masks are worn by both parties and proper hand hygiene is followed before & after contact. Partner dancing with members of your own household do not require wearing a mask

– when instructors are teaching a minimum 3m distance from all students, they can have the option to take their masks off

– minor physical corrections of students (within 3m distance in short periods of time) can be provided by the instructor as long as the instructor has their face mask on. Proper hand hygiene will be followed before & after contact.


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