Posted by on Jan 2, 2014 in Blogs

What Can I do to Stay Emotionally Balanced When Coping With An Injury

A competitive dancer who is sidelined by an injury may find that coping with it is very tough. Someone who is used to practicing every day (or at least several times a week) will become tired of sitting around and nursing the injury. Depression may set in, as well as boredom, as things progress. Unfortunately, these feelings can hinder, instead of help, the healing process, making it last longer than normal. Rather than give up entirely, focusing on these things can help one remain emotionally balanced.

Stay Busy

Even though you cannot move around like you want to, you still need something else to focus on. Whether you already have other hobbies, like scrapbooking, playing video games, reading or shopping, or want to take on some new ones (knitting, making jewelry, watching television shows that you never had time to enjoy before your injury took place) you need to take your mind off of your injury. All of these will help the time pass quickly, and keep you entertained, rather than letting you get bored.

Stay Away From Dance

Avoid anything pertaining to dance for the first week. At first you may be upset that you cannot compete or participate in lessons. This frustration can lead to depression, especially if you keep mentally torturing yourself by watching others do the thing that you love most – dance. By avoiding anything related to dance for the first week after your injury, you are helping yourself recover. Once that week has passed and your injury is getting better and following the timelines that your doctor first prognosed, feel free to begin watching dance competitions, reading dance magazines, and listening to your competition music once again. You might find yourself even better prepared for your sport of choice once your injury has healed.

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