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Kids are busier than ever these days, so considering yet another activity might be overwhelming. Parents may also be reluctant to take a class because investing their time can seem even more costly than spending money. Elite Dance Studios is here to tell you to leave your concerns at our door. Trying a dance class with your child will leave your family feeling richer than ever! Read on for five reasons why…


We all know that it seems impossible to make time for everything, which is why we are always looking for ways to multitask. A dance class with your child not only offers physical activity and creative stimulation, but scheduling the activity guarantees you will share quality time together!


You’ve made all the necessary preparations, you’re geared up, you’re focused— and you can’t get off the couch. Many of us have experienced this sensation, but don’t know what to do about it. Whether you or your child finds it difficult to self-start, enrolling in a class together can help you motivate one another and hold each other accountable.


Unlike report cards, recitals or even standing on the sidelines, being in the same dance class as your child will allow you to see their strengths in a new light. Many parents are surprised at how easily their children perform moves that adults may find difficult. Your family may even develop a new dynamic thanks to your shared relationship with the instructor.


Just like overlooking strengths, parents might also have a habit of underestimating their children’s struggles. Performing in a class together will not only allow you to see their limitations, it will also give them a glimpse at their parents’ vulnerability. You can discover a lot about each other by finding such things in common with your child.


Most importantly, parent-child dance classes encourage fun first and foremost. Nowadays, it’s too easy to get bogged down in the stress and anxiety of daily life. Making time for fun improves mental health and refreshes your spirit– Elite Dance Studoios want to give your family a safe space to bond through the joyful art of dance.

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Photo by Lauren Lulu Taylor on Unsplash