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Developmental Benefits of Dance in Children

Dancing is good for children. While there are some psychological components that go along with encouraging children to dance professionally or competitively (for example, in ballet), that has nothing to do with the fact that basic dance lessons are good for your children. Learning to dance at a young age can help improve self-esteem and will give your child better hand-eye coordination. In fact, it can encourage creativity as well. Here’s some additional information on some of the many developmental benefits to dancing:

Increased Coordination

By learning how to move to the music and complete different dance steps that require the use of the entire body, not just the arms and legs, your child’s coordination will increase. She (or he) will be more graceful and aware of her movements both on and off the dance floor. This will help her become a better overall athlete as well, leaving her able to participate in many other sports, along with dance.

Enhancing Social Skills, Independence and Self-Esteem

Studies have been done that show that children who participate in dance lessons are more social, have high self-esteem and are more independent than others their age. This is due to the fact that children are on the dance floor with their peers. They get to interact with them without their parents around (although the parents are usually nearby, they are not directly on the dance floor) and are taught that they alone are responsible for how well they complete their dance moves.

Encouraging Creativity

Moving to the music requires some creativity. Once the basic steps are taught, children can adapt them to just about any song. This encourages the children to be more creative and to express themselves in many ways. This creativity can transcend the dance floor and extend itself to things like art, music and writing as well.

These are all huge benefits for children in their development but don’t forget to learn about other benefits for dancing children and find out what’s a good age to start dancing.

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