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best age for kids to start dancing

There are many reasons for signing your child up for dance lessons. They can teach your child stage presence and poise, as well as give him or her a creative (energy using) outlet. Dance lessons also help with self-esteem and help improve social skills. However, before you sign your child up for dance lessons, there are few things that you need to consider, with age being one of the most important of the items on the list.

Maturity Comes First

When deciding whether or not to purchase dance lessons for your child, keep in mind that maturity and personality matter, no matter his or her age. Without these, your kid may not be able to listen properly to the instructor or throw a temper tantrum in the middle of one. If your child is patient, willing to listen and follow instructors, and open to new ideas, like dance, then he or she should do fine in dance lessons. A highly strung, immature and stubborn child may not do well, although things may change during the first lesson – your child may surprise you!

Is There a Definitive Age?

That said, the youngest ages for starting dance lessons ranges between three and five. If your child is younger, you can sign him or her up for what are called “movement lessons” where the lessons are less strict and general movements to music are encouraged.

Attention Span And, Again, Maturity

This is so important that it is being mentioned twice: the ability to follow lessons, as well as having a decent attention span need to be considered. If you do not think that you child has the attention span to make it through a dance lesson, then you probably should not enroll them – or see if they can take a “trial” class to see how they do. You child should also be able to follow what the instructor is saying, or else there is no sense in paying the money to enroll him or her in classes.

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