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Ballroom Dance can Help Shy Children

Before they are introduced to school or even preschool, some very young children may already feel the pressures of socializing. Whether unsure of boundaries, uneasy around new faces or uncomfortable with new situations, a child could have many reasons to be reluctant to be his or her boisterous self in group settings. Regular dance classes or lessons can be a safe environment for shy children to socialize.


Dance does have competitive levels, but it allows more freedom than most sports. Early lessons focus on fun activities that build fundamentals in a safe and friendly comfort zone. Both physically and mentally engaged, dance students are also influenced to learn with and from their peers. Read more about why dance is benefitical for children.


Due to partner work and group activities, dance lessons are a great place for a young child to forge lasting bonds and friendships. The social aspect of dance is a great way for reluctant or shy children to experiment and build upon their existing social skills. Instructors emphasize supporting and communicating with one another, while bringing the students’ attention to physical and verbal cues. All of these skills reinforce the building of relationships and outgoing personalities.


Knowing a specific dance step or having a friend to share it with are great ways for a young child to build self-esteem. Further to that, coming together with a group of peers to be both physically active and creative can truly allow children to find new levels of accomplishment. Even at young ages, dance can present both personal and social challenges. Thanks to the open atmosphere fostered by students and instructors alike, these obstacles are usually overcome by working together.

All of these factors make dance a unique and worthwhile experience for preschool-aged children. If your child is about to enter school, why not give them the edge that confidence brings and enroll them at Elite Dance Studio? Exhilarating, social and healthy– dance lessons are proven in their ability to produce well-rounded students that will carry their education for a lifetime. Don’t forget to check out our tips for deciding if now is the time for your child to start dance.