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Whether dance is your passion or you simply can’t stand the idea of grinding out another afternoon on the treadmill, you may be pleasantly surprised by the benefits of regular hip-hop dance classes. We offer several tiers of instruction to all skill levels and ages– anyone can enjoy a fun hip-hop workout at Elite Dance Studio. Just how does dance replace an afternoon at the gym? Read on for our countdown of the top five benefits of hip-hop dance!


As hip-hop has joined mainstream culture, so have the dance steps and moves that define the genre. In most hip-hop routines, fast, isolated moves are blended together to form complex patterns. These patterns are punctuated with explosive maneuvers and feats of controlled strength. As you advance through hip-hop classes, you body becomes accustomed to the new movement– resulting in more powerful and reflexive muscles.


If dance genres are categorized by their motion, hip-hop is all action. Dancers rarely hold steps for more than a few milliseconds, as they are channeling their strength into rapid-fire choreography. Training and learning at the quick pace of hip-hop is an easy way to work up a sweat without realizing it. Why ride a stationary bike or run in circles? You could be moving your body to the latest club bangers and burning calories at the same time!


Ask any expert: confidence is a key aspect to personal satisfaction and happiness. There’s no better way to build confidence than mastering the intricate steps of a hip-hop routine. Looking at a performing or competing hip-hop dancer, it may be very intimidating to imagine yourself under the same pressure. But every dancer starts at step one! At Elite Dance Studio, our instructors will guide you through a system designed to build your confidence and self-esteem from the ground up.


One look at a professional hip-hop dancer’s physique and it is clear to see how regular training can benefit your body. The less obvious benefits are on the inside! Hip-hop dance raises your heartbeat and rigorously tests your cardiovascular system. Building your cardio improves oxygen absorption, burns fat and raises your overall mood and energy level. Looking for an aerobic exercise to keep your blood pumping? Don’t underestimate hip-hop dance!


Hip-hop dance makes an excellent addition to a healthy diet and active lifestyle. By taking regular classes, you will experience improved stamina, endurance and resistance to injury. Dance classes can be a fun alternative to more mundane cross-training activities, even for specialized or multi-sport athletes. Hip-hop challenges the body and strengthens rarely used muscle groups, while increasing flexibility and explosiveness.

Don’t spend another afternoon staring at a gym wall or swimming the same old laps; try a hip-hop dance class! Elite Dance Studio is the perfect place to introduce oneself to the fun and fitness of regular dance training. Visit or consult us today and our instructors will ensure you enroll in the right class for your skill level.