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Trade your running shoes for dancing shoes, skip the weight room and head for the ballroom, forget the old step-class and start learning some new steps — Elite Dance Studios is here to give you some great news: You don’t have to keep that gym membership anymore!

Training in dance for fun or as a competitor is at the same level as the most intense workouts on the planet. Make the most out of your investment in fitness by enrolling in one of our many programs. Need more convincing? Read our top 5 reasons why dance lessons can outperform any gym membership.

1. Move that body

Dance is more than just exercise; it is a whole body experience. The movement, muscle control and technique taught in all forms of dance results in a total body workout every time you practice, train or perform! Medical and spiritual experts alike have deemed dancing to be a ‘holistic’ form of fitness– one that has been practiced for ages throughout all civilization and culture.

2. Express yourself

Many people want to pursue a creative pastime or hobby, but can’t find the time. What if we told you that by quitting your gym meant you could express yourself creatively and still get a great workout? Training in dance means attuning your body’s movement to music of all kinds– creating a unique form of art in the process.

3. Work it out

Did you know training in dance is proven to reduce injuries? It’s true! In fact, many pro athletes in other sports incorporate dance at the core of their training regimen for this very reason. Dance increases flexibility and strengthens muscles left unused in traditional gym exercises, both of which prevent injury across all activity.

4. I wanna dance with somebody

Sure we all have a workout buddy or two, but gyms can be a very cold, impersonal experience. Don’t overlook the social aspect of dance– whether dancing in a group or with a partner, a dancer engages with all those around them. Also, an instructor is like the ultimate personal trainer and Elite’s talented staff is no exception!

5. Step-by-step

Consider many popular workout routines– Zumba, Barre Body Conditioning, Hip Hop cardio– what is at the core of these activities? Dance! If you’re not quite ready for a total dance experience, Elite Dance Studio can introduce you to dancing through these hybrid dance-exercise classes! Our training is comprehensive and better for your body than any comparable exercise-only class.

If you are interested in staying fit and having fun through dancing, contact or visit us today!