Family challenge

Posted by on Apr 27, 2020 in Blogs

The Family Dance Challenge is an online contest where we invite all our families (whether they are in ballet, hip hop, or ballroom) to have 1 adult & child learns and perform a routine sent to them. Two of our family challenges were completed so far and we are happy to present the winners below!…Read More Here!

Student Made Video

Posted by on Apr 20, 2020 in Blogs

One of our talented students made this video for us. We miss being with you all every day, and can’t wait to see you all back in the studio!

Free Online Dance sessions

Posted by on Apr 9, 2020 in Blogs

Enjoy a free mini session with Elite dance studio’s instructors. As parents ourselves, we completely understand the struggles and challenges it has put on our children. We are there with you! Our kids are missing so much; school, birthday celebrations, play dates, field trips, their friends, their extracurricular activities and so much more! As parents,…Read More Here!

Strength Training for Dancers: CORE

Posted by on Mar 27, 2020 in Blogs

Dancing involves the use of the entire body – arms, legs, feet, shoulders, hips. At the core of all these movements is, well, the core. Imagine your body as a tree. The core would be the trunk that stabilizes the roots, branches, and leaves. Without a strong trunk, a tree cannot grow and flourish. The…Read More Here!

Dance or Gymnastics: Which Is Better For My Kid?

Posted by on Feb 27, 2020 in Blogs

When it comes to involving your child in a rewarding extracurricular activity, it can be hard to make a choice that will eventually involve dedication and challenges. Gymnastics and dance are two amazing programs that you can enroll your child in – but which do you choose and how? Both are challenging and rewarding but…Read More Here!