6 Essential Items To Keep In Your Dance Bag

Posted by on Jul 27, 2019 in Blogs

Whether it’s ballroom, ballet or hip hop, these are essential items to keep with you in the studio. Consult the list below compiled by the experts at Elite Dance Studios, cross-reference your dance bag, then make sure you add everything you’re missing. Trust us, you won’t regret having it if you don’t end up needing…Read More Here!

How to Return to Dance as an Adult


Posted by on Mar 9, 2019 in Blogs

The saying “once a dancer, always a dancer” rings true for some more than others. Maybe you danced as a child and are finding yourself craving to get back on the floor as an adult. Maybe you were a professional dancer but an injury put an end to your career. Regardless of the reason why…Read More Here!

5 Styles of the Samba


Posted by on Feb 9, 2019 in Blogs

The Samba has a rich history with roots going back to the 19th century when African people introduced the dance to Brazil. It is a quick dance paired with lively beats and has become a cultural identity for many Brazilians. Samba started as a solo dance, but has evolved and found its way through nightclubs…Read More Here!

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